You must develop the images and print the negative to see what you captured. Some older cameras have very small viewfinders – make sure the one you have chosen is easy and practical to use. In 1889, Thomas Edison’s research assistant William K. L. Dickson split a roll of standard Kodak film down the center and perforated each side, inadvertently creating the 35mm width that would become the future standard of film. Buy and sell used 35mm film cameras at KEH Camera. Vintage 35 mm Cameras. We will examine a range of SLR’s and some point and shoot cameras. Auction Alerts. For ease of use, stick to vintage cameras that take 35mm or 120 rollfilm. Description: Camera Type: Compact - Zoom Lens Size: 28-80mm - f/Stop Range: f/4.5 - 8.4 - Camera Features: Panorama Mode, Weatherproof Maxxum 5000i Minolta Corporation Vintage SLR cameras do not provide an immediate result. CANON AE-1. Check that shutter speeds sound accurate, especially the slow speeds that tend to stick on older cameras. To help you get started, we’re taking a look at some of the best classic 35mm cameras on the market. You can pick between a 35mm format and larger formats. The Canon AE-1 is one of the most sought after film cameras … Shop our manual and analog 35mm cameras for sale, and get a 180-day warranty. The Best 35mm Film Cameras. We offer financing options. While a medium format has more detail than 35mm, most SLR cameras use the 35mm format. What are some features of vintage SLRs? Related Categories.
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