Listed below are the key features and specifications for the Subaru BRAT. With the EA81 we have the good fortune of the engine being very popular with the kit and experimental aviation communities. The aviation community builds these engines in a … ECU is a Link Storm 4 made here in NZ and I have tuned it up using that … ... its turbocharged. I have also won street races - not against race cars or performance-modded cars, but respectable sports cars, and my old Subaru Brats, with their EA81 earned respect from people who … its possible to do but if the money isnt a problem swapping to an EJ series motor would jack the horsepower up more than the EA81 … EA81 PERFORMANCE. The EA81 has Subaru fuel injected heads and with the timing wheel on the pulley it also has the Subaru electronic ignition system.
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