“The Persian Yuma. T exan knives has only one Official website,. Send us KNIFE Slimmer blade for bird and trout or for certain hunting tasks. All our knives are handmade and Matchless designed with sharp Damascus Steel blade. There's nothing like the feeling of a true Damascus steel blade in your hand. THE KNIFE BLADE SHOULD ALWAYS BE CLEAN AND TREATED WITH OIL AFTER USE. Damascus Steel I have been blessed to become a well known and respected maker of Damascus in the world of cutlery. I also want to try this with lab created opal spacers which are very colorful . it comes in at a rock solid rating of 58-60 HRC. The entire process took 2 months and the end product is well worth the wait. Shopping Options Price. When it was completed to me it looked like Arizona where my cousin lives so it became Yuma ie Yuma Arizona and then a friend said that most Persian made knives had jeweled handles or spacers and it reminded him of Persian knives so it became the Persian Yuma. The edge and balance of the knife feel great. Shop By. I prefer the scout carry, especially when I’m on the scooter. Very efficient and convenient. The communication and advice is very professional and response to queries was very quick. Yuma: As mentioned above, I believe the bones of the Yuma were inspired by the classic Tracker design. USMC. I’m particularly fond of the Ka-Bar because of its size and weight. Beastly Beautiful... PLEASE FOLLOW THE FOLLOWING INSTRUCTIONS: MATERIAL LIKE BUFFALO HORN, RAMS HORN, CAMEL BONE AND STAG HORN CAN HAVE CONSISTED IN COLOUR AND HAIR LINE CRACKS AND CAN NOT BE STRAIGHT AND IT COULD EVEN HAPPEN AFTERWARDS. Shop Damascus steel blades to create your own Damascus steel knives. Our Master Knife Smiths Provide Some Of The Best Quality Custom Damascus Knives On The Market ……. Got it as a gift for my boyfriend and now will need to order one for myself. !. The applications for the beauty and serendipity of damascus … Thanks a lot for watching, I hope you liked the video! WE USE CANADA POST OR UPS FOR DELIVERY IN CANADA AND FOR DELIVERY IN UNITED STATES WE USE USPS OR UPS WHICH TAKES 4 TO 6 BUSINESS DAYS AFTER THE PAYMENT IS CLEAR. EACH CUSTOMER MUST VERIFY THAT HE OR SHE IS LEGALLY OVER THE AGE OF 18 AS THEY ARE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY PURCHASE AND/OR USE OF OUR KNIFE PRODUCTS. I would definitely encourage knife lover to purchase this knife. We appreciate your patience. PS: I look for the price of all his knives to go up once our articles and videos become available in the late fall after our return. The Handle is made of over 150-200 stacked separate pieces of leather and epoxied together. I also hand forge in my shop san mai steel, damascus steel and canister damascus steel. EACH PERSON IS OUR UTMOST PRIORITY. I mean i gave you ideas on blade shape material and handle material but everything else was going to be a unique one off creative surprise. Truly a piece of art. Hometown Knives D2 Hunter Knife is handcrafted and beautifully hand-forged to outperform functionally. He said, ‘so tell me more’. When I came back to the bench I thought it would be interesting to how the edge held up. 1084 Carbon Steel; 1095 Carbon Steel; 15N20; W2; 80CRV2 High Carbon Steel; O1 Tool steel; 1075 Carbon Steel; Steel Powder for Can Damascus; 2" x 72" Belts. Blade is over 325 layers of 1095 High carbon and 15n20 steels with an 58-60 HRC. A quick … Justin. Handle materials vary from linen micarta, to exotic wood, mammoth tooth fossil, and anything else you could imagine. I am now eyeing another that I will probably purchase in the near future! USA Knife Maker, The top supplier of knife making supplies online Handle Hardware We warehouse a wide selection and variety of knife handle parts, and hardware. DAMASCUS STEEL BOWIE, KUKRI & DAGGER KNIVES, DAMASCUS STEEL FOLDING/POCKET KNIVES (FOLDERS), SOLD OUT COLLECTORS & LIMITED EDITION KNIVES. Although different in many obvious ways from the Ka-Bar, what they both have in common is quality, durability, and superb craftsmanship. Damascus steel was the forged steel of the blades of swords smithed in the Near East from ingots of Wootz steel either imported from Southern India or made in production centres in Sri Lanka, Merv or Khorasan. The paper test proved my suspicions...the blade cut smooth with no rips, tears or jagged edges. its BMK-481butterfly knife,very beautiful.and sharp .its knife,there is offensive?tactical?or collection? my collection.thank you very much. I asked how he arrived at taking on the Ka-Bar design, and this is what he had to say: “I was making a knife for a disabled marine who lost his knife in the field when he was shot in Iraq. The varieties of steel we offer are especially valued for their usage in knifemaking. Feeling down the cutting edge I could find no inclusions or burrs. We carry many kids of damascus steel. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO NOTIFY US WITH ANY CONCERNS OR ISSUES YOU MAY ENCOUNTER. Our Blades are hand-forged Damascus steel; pattern-welded in-house combining 1095 tool steel and 15N20 nickel tool steel. Each of our knives are truly a “one of a kind” work of art that you will be proud to use and display. FOR WORLDWIDE SHIPPING WE USE DHL. Having never seen their work, I took a look at their website, and then reached out. Rockin H Cutlery We Make Custom Damascus Knifes In The USA And Have For Over 20 years. Lead time is about 6 weeks on all his knives. Damascus outlet sells quality knives and rings just for our customers. Store Address: 24022 Loop 494 Suite B, Porter, Texas 77339, Tel: 281-235-9516 / 281-354-6620. Nothing ever was this easy! WE ONLY ACCEPT PAYPAL. Below you can view all of our types and sizes of Damascus steels we stock. I knew marking was wanting to know how his work stood up. They are built like a tank. We typically offer a wide variety of Damascus and stainless steel knives including pocket knives, various styles of hunting knives, kitchen knives and occasionally other specialty items such as neck knives and even some swords and daggers. Beautiful blade and handle is awesome. Dismiss, Custom Made Damascus World Class Knives USA. 2. WE WORK HARD TO PROVIDE EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE SATISFACTION. … 1 Yuma Persian with custom Sheath. Hand Forged Damascus Knives are genuine knives made with the best quality materials. You betcha they are! Their name came across my desk while we were deciding who to invite to the 2018 Gear Review Expeditions. ALWAYS CLEAN THE BLADE AFTER USING WITH MINERAL OR COCONUT OIL. This is something i will use and be able to proudly pass this down for generations. I am very impressed with the quality of these knives. Manufacturing Workshop Address: 2712 Green Oak Drive, Kingwood, Texas 77339, Tel; 281-235-9516 Each knife is handcrafted using a variety of steel and handle materials. Ride Free...Live Free, http://en.calameo.com/read/005428024b70a8adf07fd. Keith’s custom knives are handcrafted in the heart of the Texas Hill Country. I have made this style in lapiz and jade. Divine Knives Damascus Steel Butcher’s Knife: The Divine Knives Damascus Steel Butcher’s Knife features a 10-inch blade, full tang construction, and a 6.4-inch camel bone handle. Heat Treatment:If you heat treat yourself, simply take the steel to a … ADS KITH. The attention to even the smallest of details is evident from the point down to the pummel. Oh, and did I mention how good this thing looks. This was an order of 200 knives that took less than 60 days from the drawing board to final delivery. These swords are characterized by distinctive patterns of banding and mottling reminiscent of flowing water, sometimes in a "ladder" or "rose" pattern. These hand ground blades have a heft and comfortable handling made for practical use. Many styles of blades available. His take on using Damascus is tried and true, which is evident in his version of the iconic Ka-Bar you see here. Here, at Jackson Blades, we aim to keep this tradition alive. Welcome to ADS blog!We have completed our first ADS KITH and I believe it was a … Our first blog post! San Mai and Damascus Steel Supplies If you’re in the market for San Mai and Damascus steel, William Engineering is the answer you’ve been looking for. Unlike most of our Bench Tests, we put this Ka-Bar through some pretty rugged tests that are normally reserved for our Field Tests Reviews. Michael Han Masters Collection MC – A030 Series Spring Assist Folding Knife – Famous knife makers. President, Liquid Advertising, I ordered a custom Damascus steel Kabar set to USMC standards with a custom leather sheathe. Thus came the first creation of the KA-BAR in Damascus.” Including but not limited to: Bowies, Skinners, Folding knives, and Chef knives. This knife would do well for any Biker who carries knife out in the bush. info@damascusoutlet.com 1 (516) 593-3175; Shop. Nitro V; 154CM Stainless Blade Steel; CPM 154; CPM S35VN Stainless; AEB-L Razor Steel; 440C Stainless; Tool and Carbon Blade Steel. Handle is … I would recommend this knife in a heartbeat...especially for bikers and military personnel. 3. I use all different varieties of steel, from 8670 carbon steel, to stainless damascus steel. Out Of The Box: 1 Ka-Bar with custom Sheath. The process is simple you can either email or text Mark, describe, and pay for your order. I’ll tell you up front, I’m glad we did. 13″ Hammered Damascus VG10 Steel Chef Knife Blank – SC12 $ 82.95 Add to cart 5213 DAMASCUS BLADE WITH TOOLING ON SPINE $ 36.99 Add to cart 5237 DAMASCUS BOOT KNIFE DAGGER $ 34.99 Add to cart 5241 DAMASCUS DROP POINT BLADE BLANK You will not be disappointed. Price Point as Tested: Ka-Bar is $299 with Sheath / Yuma is $299 with Sheath (Knives of this quality regularly go for between $650-$1200), Conclusion: The people I can see being interested in owning this knife range from serious collectors to military, to hunters and outdoors man. Fine Handmade Knives by John Horrigan, Mastersmith Maker of Fine damascus and premium steel cutlery Press on the tabs below to direct attention to that category The Official Bob Kramer Knives Website. These blades are known for their unique designs and sharp edges. As Kovalsky puts it, I’m a Jeweler by trade, and own a custom jewelry shop. This was an order of 200 knives that took less than 60 days from the drawing board to final delivery. I love good art and when I discovered blackmamba knives, I was very impressed. A full 5 stars for BMK! “Mark is a man who, when you meet him, his aura is as if you’ve always known him. The reputation and flair of Damascus knives stretches back over 17 centuries to legends of Damascus blades cutting through a rifle barrel and slicing a strand of hair in two. I had purchased the Bmk 160 frilled shark knife prior to this knife and love it. OUR PRODUCTS ARE INTENDED FOR LEGAL USE ONLY BY RESPONSIBLE BUYERS. Mark was a pleasure to work with. As if somebody picked it out special for me. Features As Reviewed: Both knives are made of fine Damascus, are both full-tanged, and both come with a custom leather sheath. I'm not a blades man or whatever but it looks like you put quality time and energy in this piece. https://www.instagram.com/avknives_/ This knife has over 20 hrs of forge work invested into it, including; profiling, forging, filing, fitting, grinding, polishing and more. It's new but already priceless to me. Send us KNIFE, design specification and we will make it in 2 weeks, BMK-117 Python Snake KNIFE 9.5″ Long 5 “Blade ” 9oz Hunting Fixed Blade Bowie Skinner Survival Handmade Damascus Knife Black mamba Hand Made Word Class knives, BMK-152 Yukio Chef Knife 13 Inches Long 8 Inches Blade 10 Ounce Razor Sharp Hand Made Damascus Chef Knives Black Mamba Hand Made Word Class Knives, BMK-420 High Carbon Steel Filipino Balisongs butterfly Brass with rose Wood Inserts black Mamba knives world class Knives, BMK-471 D2 tool steel Filipino Balisongs butterfly Stainless Steel high grains rose wood Inserts black Mamba knives world class knives, BMK-105 Dragon Knife 12″ Long 7 “Blade ” 9.5oz Hunting Fixed Blade Damascus Knife Black mamba Hand Made Word Class knives …, BMK-104 Scorpion Knife 10″ Long 5″Blade” 9oz Hunting Fixed Blade Damascus Knife Black mamba Hand Made Word Class knives, BLACK MAMBA KNIVES BMK-120 Fallen 3 Inches Blade Damascus Pocket Hunting Knife, Bmk-167 Chihuahuan Snake 9 Inches Long 4,3 Inches Blade 14 Ounce Damascus Gut Hook Hunting Fixed Blade Knife Damascus Hand Made Word Class, BMK-434 High Carbon Steel Filipino Balisongs butterfly Stainless with walnut wood and burl wood Inserts with Mamba knives world class Knives, BMK-103 Bobcat Knife 10″ Long 5″Blade ” 13oz Hunting Fixed Blade Damascus Knife Black mamba Hand Made Word Class knives. I’m loving this knife and looking forward to many year of use! “ Mention “knives” or “Damascus”. I think I just heard Mark cringe! They’re both great as an EDC knife and would perform well in any situation where they are deployed. The Beauty of these 2 Beasts are only out-shined by their performance under tests! Then machined to put the grooves in the handle. Blade is folded 5 times from 11 layers of 1095 and 15N20 giving approximately 352 Layers in this awesome Pattern. Contact Black Mamba for more info and to order today. It can perform tasks such as chopping, splitting, feathering, and processing game. We have Custom Folding, Hunting, Combat Knives & Folded Steel Rings for sale, all under one roof. We are experiencing some shipping delays due to the pandemic. Their reputation has given rise to tales of Damascus blades cutting through the barrel of a rifle and slicing a strand of hair falling across the blade. I don’t want to throw away a genuine message but I do have to spend a lot of time sorting through mail and might inadvertently throw out a good message. Each knife is unique. The end result was that I came away feeling very confident about the knife’s performance in real-world situations.
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